Combination of skills multiply approaches and boosts creativity.
Illustrations are powerful alternative to photos and can express ideas in many ways. Illustrations are used widely from creative abstracts to corporate info-graphics.
Subway Girl, Adobe Illustrator
While I have rich archive of photos, sometimes illustration or drawing may work better for design. Some photos can inspire to make illustrations out of them. This illustration and one below are done in Adobe Illustrator and processed in Substance Designer to gain effect of old postcard.

Logotypes are generally developed as vector graphics to ensure production flexibility and simplicity.
Logo developed for United Nation's Children's Fund to celebrate its 20 years in Tajikistan
This logo is a winner in national contest for New Generation Network - Cybernet. More than seventy artists proposed their versions on that contest.
Logo developed for Girl's Education Matters campaign in Central Asia
Realistic texture created with combination of tools: Adobe Illustrator, Substance Designer, 3DsMax.
Majority of symmetrical complex patterns can be created with simple repeating lines. This pattern was created in Adobe Illustrator using same simple wave. Than, using Substance Designer I have created texture shown above.

Info-graphics is very powerful way to show figures and achievements. This info-graphics was created in Adobe Illustrator to expose features of University of Central Asia's Summer Camp.

This info-graphics was created in Adobe Illustrator to show achievements of Communications and Marketing Department of University of Central Asia.

All of the following images were initially created in Adobe Illustrator
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