Combination of skills multiply approaches and boosts creativity.
InDesign is a core tool I use everyday. I can create illustration or chart in Illustrator, I can enhance the photo or do composition in Photoshop, but final product such as publication, flyer, poster I would generally assemble in InDesign.
Spread from University of Central Asia's prospectus for recruitment campaign.
First thing first. You need to develop the concept for the product. While your customers may imagine what they want, you should use your expertise to develop concept which serves best to the goal. And which will be flexible enough to be transformed for different types of media.

I do use stock images. But I do not use InDesign templates from Internet. While it may be easy to use such templates, it impacts your very important skill - creative thinking. It is very important that you play with your design, and with experience it takes less time to come up with best design for the concept.
Very often I use automation. To create few hundreds certificates using template I have developed? Give me a minute.

I also can use VB scripts inside InDesign if I need to do routine work of big volumes. Once I had to finish report with hundred and twenty tables in a day. I have wrote a script which formats the tables, applies styles to its cells and fits it on the page, making sure there is not overflowed text. Once script was executed, I had to go through and apply only few small adjustment.

Styles are very important. To set right styles for paragraphs, character, cells and objects is something I pay attention. It saves you a lot of time once you start moving object and edit the text. To prevent spending time on moving photos and balancing columns and making sure that titles stay with text after edits, it is better to set it the way the portraits and titles are moved with text and columns are auto balanced.

And yes, it is only one root object on this page.
Catalog of learning resources I have designed for United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Download PDF

Educational Prospectus is one of most important marketing tools for the university. While I have received most of the content, it was very early draft of the plain text. I have developed design from scratch. That design significantly transformed the content. Turn around continued till best fit of content and design. Download PDF

This publication was urgent task to fulfill within a week for the conference in NYC. Template was provided by customer from Germany who was aware of my skills and speed. They never used this template and I had to considerably adjust the template's internal styles and formatting. Adjustments were accepted and used for all future publications. And I created the layout of this publication within three days. Download PDF

Newspaper I have designed for University of Central Asia. This is the project to hand over to students in future. They will issue the newspaper with stories about study and life. Download PDF

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